Friday, 27 August 2010


i've never been one of these massive fans of big brother if im going to be honest, i'd watch it but if i missed it i wouldnt bother catching up or anything. but this year ive been GLUED to my tv screen for john james & josie! at first it was all just a tad "fake" on john james side but as the time went on you saw this love come between them and i loved to watch it, chessey i know! i totally love josie! (L) shes such a typical real english girl and i love her for that. shes not skinny she has curves and isnt one of these stick thin fake girls what people seem to think its good to look up to now days! and i totally love john james for loving her for who she is too! i mean hes nothing short of beautiful as we all proberbly agree ;] & he couldnt care less that shes curvey or not one of these fake girls! which i think is realy resfreshing to watch! :)

if you didnt know josie won big brother 11! and had to go straight back into the house again for the ultimate big brother which is suppost to be the last! even though there dropping hard hints its going to be back :P aha. but after 3 days in the big brother house josie ran out of the back door! ive never seen anyone ever move so fast, she was straight out of that door telling the guards to bugger off because she wanted to go to the pub :) but as we all know it just gets cheesier as it was john james :')! theres a video below for you to check it out(L)

so heres my total chessy quick blog about my sad love for john james & josie.

i hope you enjoy!

chow xox.

josie leaving the big brother house. xox

josies winner interview xox.

natural summer glow make up. xox

im sorry about the bra shot aha:) but its the only picture i had which you could see my make up on! so with that said lets get started :)


estee lauder daywear foundation
mac's refined golden bronzer as contour
nyc color cheek glow- pink on cheeks
e.l.f all over facial whip - spot light as highlight

mac's satin taupe eyeshadow all over lid
mac's pink opal pigment as highlight on browbone. just a little.
miss spory mascara
barry m black eyeliner pencil in waterline only
rimmel eyebrow pencil

body shop yesyesyes ouiouioui lip butter.

oh! & a few sprays of fix +!

i hope you like this look.. its super easy and nice and fresh looking for summer :) it only takes minuites and makes you look radient healthy and fresh faced xox.


MUA Eyeshadow Review & Swatches xox.

shade 7. shade 10. shade 12.

when i swatched these colors on my hand i used no base whats so ever... the pigmentation on these babies is amazing!and for £1 per eyeshadow you cant go wrong! its an AMAZING bargain, these can be fount at superdrug :) maybe savers.. but i think thats mostly the old things.

but yeahh! i cant say any more good things about these. there so pigmented and easy to blend, when ive wore them they've lasted all day without creasing and theres an amazing amout of products.. i think theres around 20 shades of eyeshadow and some of the colors are crazy bright, so defoo check them out.

love jess! xox.

My Favorite MAC Lipsticks xox.

myth lipstick.
is a beautiful nude! it just completes all my looks and goes with everything, its got a beautiful peach undertone! xox.

saint germain lipstick! is the most beautiful pink ever. i love it, its very pigmented and is just what youd expect from a barbie pink! its super girly xox.

costa chic lipstick

snob lipstick

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lush "Must Haves" & My Favorites.

this is in my opinion the "must haves" there all my favorite products and i LOVE them all..

you've been mangoed. even though this is a small product it proberbly does more than any of the other products.. it makes your skin SO soft and makes your bath water feel like silk! it lingers on your skin for hours! and it smells amazing, if you like mango/orange/lime/lemon! you'll love this.

the comforter bubblebar! everyones favorite. it smells like blackberrys, its yummy and whenever its cold outside it always makes your feel all warm and cosseey.. it makes LOADS AND LOADS of bubbles. yummm

rockstar soapx! just smells like strawberry and candy. it smells lovely. its super creamy and creates lots of bubbles with the smell lingering on your skin all day!

my new fav "mr whippy" it smells amazing! it creates loads of bubbles & lingers on your skin for ages after. it smells like ice cream.

honey i washed the kids soap; smells yummmeey xox.

creamy candy bath; bubble bar! it smells just like rockstar. creates lots of bubbles and lingers forrever!x

bathos bubble bar; my first lush product! i love it.

Tropical Summer Make Up ♥

so! as we all proberbly know the weather in england atm the AWFUL. its suppost to be summer yet its raining which is never good, so i decided to do a little more of a fun look..


face ♥

foundation- rimmel lasting foundation
concealer- studio finish- NW15
mac fix+ - to set all face make up
elf "warm tan" bronzer is a contour. also added on chin.
mac's "well dressed" blush on the cheeks
mac's "soft & gentle" skin finish as highlight on cheeks. nose. cupids bow. chin and forehead.


base- miss sporty eyeshadow pencil- peach punk

eyeshadows- 120 pallete
blue on lid
matte yellow on the crease
dark green blended into the outer "v"
yellow half way underlashline & blue on the other half.
barry m dazzle dust "8" tearduct and brow bone.

apply your eyeliner & mascara i used;
elf liquid eyeliner and a gosh eyeliner. miss sporty mascara

i filled my eyebrows in with my rimmel pencil.


& last but not least added my mac viva glam "lady gaga" on the lips with a little "extra amps" dazzle glass

i hope you enjoy.

LUSH! Rockstar Soap Review x

when i first brought "rockstar" soap from lush i orderd it online, as soon as my package came i ripped it open, but as soon as i did the first thing i thought was what is that horrible smell! and yes indeed it was this.
everyone was raving about rockstar saying the loved it yet i just thought it smelt gross and it make me feel sick any time i smelt it. it smelt so artificial.

but anyway a few months later i decided to go into town and do some serious shopping, my last stop was lush before getting the train home! so i picked my usuals and came to rockstar soap again, so i picked a slice up and smelt it! i dont know why but i loved this smell, it was so different to the one i orderd online i dont know if the one i orderd was old or has mixed but i loved this smell, its such a creamy soap when you hold it, it seems like its melting! its super bubbly and lathers really well and a gorgeous baby pink.. its super girlly and is amazing with the pink bubble bar. it lingers on the skin for hours after using it.

with lush id always recommend going in store and smelling all the products. "smell" is very much to every person. and lush is pretty pricey to buy things and hate them

rockstar is definatly one to try! and is a price of £2.90.. but obviously the bigger piece you get the more money it will be.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

bargain kim kardashian style.

£20- newlook pintuck beleted shirt

£32.00- ASOS Aged Vintage Roll Up Boyfriend Jeans

£35.00- Oasis Formal Tumbled Dita Bag

£25.00- boohoo Lana Heeled Gladiators

beauty survey xox

Shampoo: bed head. brunette goddess

conditioner: bedhead brunette goddess

Styling Products: loreal elnet

Shower Gel: soap & glory.

Body moisturizer: soap & glory body butter

Deodorant: sure.

Fake Tan: st moriz.

Cleanser: clinique facial wash

Toner: lush tea tree toner.

Exfoliator: st ives!

Foundation Brush: Mac 187

Foundation: mac studio fix fluid

Concealer: mac studio finish concealer

Powder: dont use powder. i use mac's fix +

Blush: MAC "style" blush

Bronzer: mac "refined golden" bronzer

Highlighter: mac "soft & gentle" skinfinish

Eyeshadow Base: mac "bare study" paint pot

Eyeshadows: way to many! i love sleek & barry m eyeshadows though.

Eyeliner: gosh velvet touch eyeliner "black ink"

Curling Tongs:i use my straightners

Straightener: i have limited edition GHD'S. there purple :)

Mascara: lorel voluminous.

Lipstick: mac creme d'nude.

revlon "pink pop".


Monday, 23 August 2010

hi there. pauls boutique bag, yay!! xox

I finally got hold of the pauls boutique bag i wanted! i brought it today from "bank" which is a clothing store if you didnt know already.. it was £59.99 so 60 pounds really! the prices are same everywhere and i just am in love with this bag.

I know its not everyones "cup of tea" my mum hates it. but for me i love it, i think its really cute and girly, i'd definatly recommend anyone thinking about getting a pauls boutique bag to buy one NOW! :] there selling like hotcakes everywhere it seems.

there really well made and strong which is always a plus aswell as being super cute!

lovejess. xox

Sunday, 22 August 2010


mac studio fix fluid- NW20
mac studio finish concealer- NW15
mac mineralize skinfinish- med
mac "refined golden" bronzer for contour
mac "soft & gentle" skinfinish as highlight

mac "bare study" paint pot as base
sleek storm palette for the light gold eyeshadow on my lid.
barry m dazzle dust "8" as brow bone highlight
e.l.f "black" liquid eyeliner
gosh velvet touch eyeliner "black ink"
rimmel sexy curves mascara

mac viva glam- lady gaga
revlon lipgloss "pink pop"

this look was easy to put together and very quick! it only takes 5 minuites to apply then your ready to go. i hope you enjoyed.


make up insperations.

cheryl cole
i love cheryl cole. not just for the amazingly stunning make up she wears but for how strong of a person i think she is.her make up definatly comes into my make up alot, if you dont know who cheryl is.. she wears alot of smokey bronze eyes. a ton of eyeliner & lashes.lots of contour and highlight and a nude or bright pink lip. her skin is flawless, i love the dewy look thats proberbly why i love cheryls style of make up so much. she uses mac's face & body foundation, so if your more into the matte look cheryl coles look proberbly isnt for you.

christina aguilera
ive not always been a fan of christinas choice of make up. but since shes came into the whole pin up/retro make up! im loving it. it suits her lovely.

eva mendes

even though her make up is extremly natural i think its one of the most beautiful. again her skin is very glowy/dewy so if the you like the "matte" look better,
this make up isnt for you. but i do love dewy skin and i think thats what i love so much about her make up! that and her beautiful peach blush and goldy/bronze tones on her eyes.

kim kardashian
i dont think there needs to be an into for this girl. shes everybodys favorite, kim kardashian! i love kim shes always fashion forward, with beautiful long black hair.
her style influences my make up everyday! her "look" is normally a smokey eye. lots of lashes and eyeliner. contour,a beautiful pink blush with some highlight and a light pink/nude lip with some gloss. although kim definatly is one who trys new make up looks. she also has beautiful natural looks/bronze looks/ green looks & purple looks. i love that shes not afraid to change her make up up!

i simply love rihannah because shes not afraid to try all kinds of different make up and shes never one to be seen in a full on smokey eye and nude lips. like most celebritys i ADORED her make up in her "hard" video. i thought her lipstick was amazing.

love jess. xox

Princess Nails xox.

Well. this is my first post & i thought i'd do something really quick and easy, but what was also really girly! I love to wear there colors together but i think it looks even better in summer with a tan.

these are the wonderful nail polishes ive used there both barry m meaning there amazingly priced for around £2.95 and a good size bottle of product you cant go wrong! although i believe barry m can only be fount in the uk in superdrug or boots. although saying that barry m do have a website so check that out im pretty sure it will ship internationally.

but anyway! the colors ive used to get this cute look are babypink/pink iridescent.
there both beautiful colors! & they seem to glid on to the nails without being streaky! although i think you'd need two coats.

love. jessica xox.

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