Friday, 27 August 2010


i've never been one of these massive fans of big brother if im going to be honest, i'd watch it but if i missed it i wouldnt bother catching up or anything. but this year ive been GLUED to my tv screen for john james & josie! at first it was all just a tad "fake" on john james side but as the time went on you saw this love come between them and i loved to watch it, chessey i know! i totally love josie! (L) shes such a typical real english girl and i love her for that. shes not skinny she has curves and isnt one of these stick thin fake girls what people seem to think its good to look up to now days! and i totally love john james for loving her for who she is too! i mean hes nothing short of beautiful as we all proberbly agree ;] & he couldnt care less that shes curvey or not one of these fake girls! which i think is realy resfreshing to watch! :)

if you didnt know josie won big brother 11! and had to go straight back into the house again for the ultimate big brother which is suppost to be the last! even though there dropping hard hints its going to be back :P aha. but after 3 days in the big brother house josie ran out of the back door! ive never seen anyone ever move so fast, she was straight out of that door telling the guards to bugger off because she wanted to go to the pub :) but as we all know it just gets cheesier as it was john james :')! theres a video below for you to check it out(L)

so heres my total chessy quick blog about my sad love for john james & josie.

i hope you enjoy!

chow xox.

josie leaving the big brother house. xox

josies winner interview xox.


  1. as I'm from Spain I know nothing about BB in your country...nevertheless, for what you say and what I've seen, I can say that BB is the same in every country lol! They seem to choose clons to go into the programme xD

  2. lol dno! :) i just liked this one.. everyone was real and not just being idiots, :] xox

  3. i gotta check this show out! ive heard it was good! i dont think they have the uk version showing in america though. maybe i should check out bbc america? lol i know i catch skins on there once in a while. and old reruns of couplings. :] anyway love your blog!!!

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  4. i loved this one :) it was amazing! this one is the uk one so i doubt it'll be on in america
    you can watch it on here though:

    thankyou xox.

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