Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Lush "Must Haves" & My Favorites.

this is in my opinion the "must haves" there all my favorite products and i LOVE them all..

you've been mangoed. even though this is a small product it proberbly does more than any of the other products.. it makes your skin SO soft and makes your bath water feel like silk! it lingers on your skin for hours! and it smells amazing, if you like mango/orange/lime/lemon! you'll love this.

the comforter bubblebar! everyones favorite. it smells like blackberrys, its yummy and whenever its cold outside it always makes your feel all warm and cosseey.. it makes LOADS AND LOADS of bubbles. yummm

rockstar soapx! just smells like strawberry and candy. it smells lovely. its super creamy and creates lots of bubbles with the smell lingering on your skin all day!

my new fav "mr whippy" it smells amazing! it creates loads of bubbles & lingers on your skin for ages after. it smells like ice cream.

honey i washed the kids soap; smells yummmeey xox.

creamy candy bath; bubble bar! it smells just like rockstar. creates lots of bubbles and lingers forrever!x

bathos bubble bar; my first lush product! i love it.

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