Wednesday, 25 August 2010

LUSH! Rockstar Soap Review x

when i first brought "rockstar" soap from lush i orderd it online, as soon as my package came i ripped it open, but as soon as i did the first thing i thought was what is that horrible smell! and yes indeed it was this.
everyone was raving about rockstar saying the loved it yet i just thought it smelt gross and it make me feel sick any time i smelt it. it smelt so artificial.

but anyway a few months later i decided to go into town and do some serious shopping, my last stop was lush before getting the train home! so i picked my usuals and came to rockstar soap again, so i picked a slice up and smelt it! i dont know why but i loved this smell, it was so different to the one i orderd online i dont know if the one i orderd was old or has mixed but i loved this smell, its such a creamy soap when you hold it, it seems like its melting! its super bubbly and lathers really well and a gorgeous baby pink.. its super girlly and is amazing with the pink bubble bar. it lingers on the skin for hours after using it.

with lush id always recommend going in store and smelling all the products. "smell" is very much to every person. and lush is pretty pricey to buy things and hate them

rockstar is definatly one to try! and is a price of £2.90.. but obviously the bigger piece you get the more money it will be.



  1. Rockstar & You've been Mango'd are my favorite! Great post x

  2. I really love your blog! It is so cute! :] I am following!


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