Saturday, 4 September 2010

cher lloyd! x factor! xox.

hola ladies! :)
so tonight x factor has been on and there was this amazing girl at just the age of 16! shes beautiful and is proberbly my favorite x factor audition so far. she got amazing comments from the judges! shes just like a young cheryl cole.

so just a quick post to put my love out for her talent! so if you missed it or arnt from the uk check her out!! shes like a ready made pop star xox.


  1. OMG i loved her audition :o

    She was FANTASTIC!

    I loved the fact that she sang a keri hilson song .. Her whole attitude and "swagger" was spot on!

    She looks older than 16!

    Thanks for the video, i was checking youtube and couldnt find it :)

  2. i LOVED her! :) i thought she was amazing and totally different to what we normally see on the uk x factor!

    & no problem glad you enjoyed

  3. she was amazing! she has the potential to goo far definately!! Great blog btw x

  4. I've just seen her performance...just stunning! love her voice! xx

  5. she was amazing and so different to their usual tripe haha! you're right she does look just like cheryl cole - lucky cow. I have been reading your blog, its really nice and friendly. :)


  6. She was amazing. THOUGH! ... i didn't like the way she was moving about on stage:S


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