Sunday, 12 September 2010

Mac Holiday Collection 2010.

so this morning i was looking around the internet for new and upcoming mac collection's and i fount the christmas collection for this christmas.
if im going to be honest not all of this collection tickles my fancy!!
i think ill get a few lip glosses and pigments but not much else... im not sure when the collection is coming out in the uk but its october in the u.s so im quessing around november! what do you think of the collection?



  1. I'm so looking forward for this collection. I was studying one year in Glasgow, Scotland and this pattern brings me really good memories of my time there. Bad thing is that I am unable to choose just one thing, I want all the products!!! xDDD

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  2. Had a quick browse online and I think it's awesome. Don't have too many MAC products cos they aren't exactly cheap but I'm sure a few of these items will make it onto my Christmas list :)

  3. The mac holiday collection looks really really pretty and preppy!


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