Wednesday, 1 September 2010

My Make Up Bag Must Haves xox.

Revlon Colorstay Foundation.
I'm in love with this foundation, ever since ive used foundation ive used mac when i was 13/14 i cant remember aha! my mum toke me to a mac store and i got my first foundation! but i only got face and body as at that age i didnt want to be smuthering my face in something as thick as studio fix! but when i got to 15 my mum toke me for christmas and we spent nearly 300! and i got a total new make up collection full of mac! and ive used studio fix ever since.. im a bit of a foundation snob tbh! but then i was looking on youtube and i fount a review of this stuff so i thought id try it out, and i LOVE IT! it gives amazing coverage, they have plenty of colors to choice from and theres alot of products! although at around £12 its kinda pricey for a drugstore foundation but its definatly worth it!x

Mac Studio Finish Concealer.
I use this everyday! ive never used a concealer like it, its the BOMB!!! i dont have acne or anything like that although im sure it'd cover it really well! but im a normal girl and i get breakouts and this just covers everything and blends into the foundation! a must have.. i think it retails anywhere between £12-14 pounds.

Elf "Warm" Bronzer.
I NEVER leave the house without bronzer on EVER! i love this bronzer and its only £3.50 from elf which is amazing! i love this bronzer because you can use it for blush/bronzer and highlight! i like this color for my skintone theres different shades depending on your own skintone though! of course :)! i have to say though i only ever use bronzer for contour! a bronzer all over the cheeks is a big NONO! kk orange? mwahaha.

i always have a chapstick with me, i love carmex though! it just works straight away and i personaly love the smell of it! you can find this anywhere and its about £2.50.. to me its the best out there, aswell as vasaline, there both as good!

Mac "DollyMix" Blush.
i have a stupid amout of blush in my collection! but i got this recently of my papa! i saw my friend wear it at college and i knew i had to have it.. its the most beautiful pink EVER! and so pigmented you only need the most tiniest dab ever. i was going to buy this along time ago but for some reason at the last minuite i picked up well dressed! which let me just say is a total waste of £16.50! dont buy it:) get something like dollymix or pink swoon & again there £16.50:)x

Elf Natural Nymph Lipstick.
If you know me, you know i ALWAYS have a nude lip on, or a bright pink lip. my skin tone will just not take orange or red :/ which is a high shame! i was looking around elf and i fount this baby for just £3.50! wooowwwweee right, its a beautiful nude shade and isnt drying at all *BARRY M*! beautiful and its something i always have with me.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil.
NEVER will i go out without my eyebrows done, i love eyebrows! im sure my boyfriend thinks im a total freak as im always saying "she/he's got nice eyebrows" :') fml. but yes i never go out without my eyebrows done! even if its foundation and eyebrows. it just finishes a look and as we all know eyebrows frame your face! this pencil you can get from anywhere and is £2.99 plus it comes with a handy brush =)

Bare Study Paint Pot.
i dont wear eyeshadow everyday! just cause im way to lazy, so if i ever cant be bother i just put some of this over the lid and it gives a nice shimmerry creamy/golden color :) it retails for £13.50 although, i'd say opt for something cheaper it is only a cream eyeshadow ladies!

Rimmel Volume Flash.
i SWEAR by this mascara! it gives amazing volume and amazing false eyelashes :)


  1. the paint pots are the best invention ever!

  2. i've now popped some of these things on my to-get list hehe,i'm lusting after mac studio finish concealer!:)

  3. i love carmex, it works so well.

  4. Hey there, just found your blog and am now following!

  5. Congrats for the blog:) very cute!


  6. oooh very nice selection. Reckon I will have to add the Elf lip stick and Rimmel mascara to my shopping list! :)


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